No One Saw It Coming – The Aftermath

As with many of my tenant stories, we never really know what triggered someone going slightly off or believing they could do what ever they wished. It seems this holds true with this story as well.

Karen and I went to the property last week and gathered up the fellows goods. There were a few surprises, like the coffee cup/ashtray in the picture. It turns out he left his suitcase, his charger for both his cell phone and his notebook computer, almost all of his clothes along with a couple suits, quite a few books, pay stubs and several pamphlets from Alcoholics Anonymous along with meeting dates.

I also found the name of the company where he was working and followed up with them today. He hasn’t been seen in a couple weeks. They even contacted his emergency contact and they have no idea where he is as well.

In the end it remains a sad story about an individual who seems to have fallen off the wagon and now has disappeared from the planet, for the moment anyway. It’s difficult to not feel badly for him, but where should you draw the line?

We provide safe (well, he probably would disagree at this point about that), clean, comfortable homes for working men and we hit bumps along the road. As I explained earlier, we have dozens of boring stories of individuals who stayed with us, paid on time, left the rooms in perfect condition and received full refunds, it’s just these types of stories that seem to give us cause for reflection about how life can change quickly for some.

Perhaps this is just a  reminder to us of how good we really have things? I know many people are having challenges with the slower economy, and the resultant pressures associated with it. We all just need to remember the good things the majority of us have. I have to assume the majority of folks reading this still have a roofs over their heads, hopefully loving families and good friends around them as we do.

Just so I don’t leave this on too serious of a note, we managed to grab some of the “graphic evidence” of the assault. Hopefully this doesn’t cause you to become too woozy seeing all this carnage!

Best we can tell by all this “blood” he was lucky to live through the encounter. We can only assume by following the trail that he made it safely to the closet in the upper corner where he must have fastened some type of tourniquet to allow him to survive.

P.S. The wine glass that this “blood” came from was safely tucked in the closet as well.

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2 Responses to No One Saw It Coming – The Aftermath

  1. F. Wong says:

    it is difficult to feel badly for the guy, and yet we do. I hope he remembers some of those A.A. meeting dates.

  2. Annette says:

    Tenants like these should always remind us to be grateful for the wonderful tenants. We have around 50 units and usually have fewer than 10 changes in tenants each year. Koodoos to you Bill for helping a group of individuals that need a little extra to improve their situation in life. I hope the good tenants seem especially wonderful in the aftermath of this senario.

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