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Dealing With Professional Tenants

Professional Tenants Understand the System If you aren’t familiar with the term, you would think a professional tenant is just someone with no intent on ever owning and intending on staying a tenant forever. Talk to a landlord who has … Continue reading

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Pissed Off at Tenants

This post has been a long time coming, so let me back track a bit for you. It was during 2009 my former business partner managed to find some contacts within Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS) that needed housing for … Continue reading

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Evictions Are Popular These Days

I had hoped to have my eviction package all complete by now, but time has managed to get away from me and the project keeps expanding. Currently I am just finishing page four of the outline up, I already have … Continue reading

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Alberta Eviction Questions and Answers

Can you get evicted in the winter in Alberta? Is it expensive to evict a tenant? How long does an eviction in Alberta take? These questions and more are answered for you. Continue reading

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