Courthouse – Part 2

Want to know how to waste two hours of your time? Get subpoenaed as a witness and then discover that the officer neglected to update you that the court date changed, that’s how.

What a pisser as I had things I needed to get done and pushed them off to do the right thing. What’s more aggravating is this same officer never returned one of my initial calls or emails when this first started a year ago. It seems to be an ongoing saga.

I understand the police are busy, I understand they are often understaffed, but here we have a chance to put a deadbeat away who stole a vehicle at knife point and we’re screwing around. Anyway, I’ll have more updates after the 1st of September when I find out the new and updated court date!

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  1. Tyrone says:

    They have to make it more of a priority to make sure the public’s time isn’t wasted or people will avoid helping.

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